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Cimsco is a New Orleans pipeline products distributor. We stock a wide array of pipeline products in our warehouse and can special order any pipeline product you may need.

Pipe Repair Products

Pipe Repair Clamps
  • Pipe Repair Clamp Accessories
  • Solvent Weld PVC Joint Repair Clamp
  • All Stainless Steel Pipe Repair Clamps
  • Two-Section Pipe Repair Clamps
  • Service Outlet Pipe Repair Clamps

 Service Saddles
  • Bronze Service Saddles
    • Single Strap
    • Double Strap
    • Bronze saddles for plastic pipe
  • Ductile Iron Service Saddles
    • DR1S Single Strap
    • DR2A Double Strap
    • DR2S Double Strap

Pipe Restraint Systems

Restraint systems for ductile iron pipe
  • SLDH bell joint restraint harness
  • SLDM for oversized cast iron pipe
  • SSLD split gland
  • PVP on ductile iron pipe
  • SLDE restraint for ductile iron pipe
  • SSLDH split bell restraint for dip

Restraint systems for PVC pipe
  • SLC for PVC
  • Serration lock restraint
  • SLCH bell joint restraint
  • PVP bell joint restraint
  • PVPF for PVC push on fittings
  • PVH bell joint harness for PVC pipe

Restraint systems for AWWA C909 pipe and HDPE pipe


We want to be your supplier of pipeline products in the New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner, and other South Louisiana regions. Please contact us so we can assist you with your pipeline supply needs.

We proudly distribute pipeline products from the following manufacturers:

JCM Industries
JCM Industries Inc.
Ford Meter Box
Ford Meter Box
Proco Products Inc.
Smith-Blair Inc
Smith-Blair Inc

Star Pipe Products
Star Pipe Products